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If our competitive rates, honest work ethic and positive reviews can't tempt you, feel free to have a browse through our gallery, and see just how much of a difference we can make for you!

Home gym renovation

This customer needed a space to expand their personal training ventures, and chose us to transform their garage.

From top to bottom, the entire transformation was completed by us.

Exterior garage clean-up

We removed the ivy and other growths from the exterior wall, before repainting the garage doors and surrounding panelling.

Garden decking

We were tasked with creating a front garden decking space, using composite decking materials.

We cleared the area and prepared the ground, laid the foundation frame, and then completed the decking.

Bathroom sealant

This bath wasn't fitted correctly, with no sealant sealing the bath to the wall tiles. This caused water ingress and staining on the ceiling below.


We cleaned out the join and sealed it, using mould resistant sealant, preventing serious and potentially expensive damage.


This customer wanted a freshen up on the walls in their bedroom.


We duly obliged, providing a subtle colour change to revitalise and lighten the room.

The big jobs, the little jobs - and everything in-between

Let us take your to-do list

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